Welcome to our website! The Reflections are purveyors of tasty (and some somewhat rare) gems from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Click on the "SONG LIST" tab above to check out what we play, with more being added all the time. Most importantly, click on the "GIGS" tab above to find out where and when you can come out and give us a listen, and join in the fun. KEEP LIVE MUSIC ALIVE!


Great music for listening and dancing.  

Jay W. 

Great night with the Reflections last night, outstanding band! 

Susan F. 

Great sound, great song selection, no dead air between songs. Kept the party rocking. And, the volume level was such that guests could still carry on a conversation.  

Randy S. 

I knew, and could sing along with almost every song they played. So much fun! 

Pat D.

Friday night (8/27/2021) we packed the house! The band, "REFLECTIONS," captured the mood of members and guests, both young and "mature" alike! We received 8 new member applications from qualified guests Friday.

Oak Island Moose Lodge # 2059

Great band. Great music. Great guys.

Mitch F.