statement on coronavirus/covid-19

Reflections wants everyone to remain safe and secure during this trying time, and we’re looking forward to the day when the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis is behind us. Of course, it has meant gig cancellations for us, but worse, it’s hurting the businesses and venues where we were scheduled to play. Please take a look below at our cancelled gigs list. Please do whatever you can to support these establishments, especially now, but in the future as well. We can’t wait to see you when we start gigging again.  Stay safe, and remember - Wash your face and don't touch your hands!


Sat, 3/14 - Private Party, Brunswick Forest, Leland, NC (Rescheduled for Sat, 10/31)

Sat, 3/21 - Oak Island Moose Lodge # 2059, Southport, NC (Reschedule date TBD)

Tue, 3/31 - Doc Meridian Winery, Southport, NC (Rescheduled for Thu, 7/2)

Sat, 4/11 - Doc Meridian Winery, Southport, NC

Fri, 4/17 - Blossoms Restaurant at Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC (Rescheduled for Fri, 7/10)

Sat, 4/18 - Oak Island Elks Lodge # 2769, Oak Island, NC (Reschedule date TBD)

Sat, 5/23 - Doc Meridian Winery, Southport, NC

Fri, 6/5 - Latitudes Restaurant at Compass Pointe, Leland, NC (Reschedule date TBD)

Thu, 6/11 - Southport Summer Concert Series, Franklin Square Park, Southport, NC

Tue, 6/16 - Doc Meridian Winery, Southport, NC (Rain-date reschedule for Fri, 6/19)

Thu, 7/2 - Waterfront Stage, North Carolina 4th of July Festival , Southport, NC

Thu, 7/2 - Doc Meridian Winery, Southport, NC (Tentative reschedule date Sat, 7/18)

Fri, 7/10 - Blossoms Restaurant at Magnolia Greens, Leland, NC (Reschedule date TBD)

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